Re: Cryonics sources (humor)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 20:21:53 MDT

> >Spike Jones wrote: and a bunch of extropians posts,
> >most of which are intentionally goofy. Its hard to imagine being
> >reconstructed from that material... {8-[ {8^D
> John M Grigg wrote: Spike, come to think of it, from that they might get a very good
> approximation of you!!

The *online* version of me, John. He and the meat version are two
very different guys, I recognize the fact, and there seems to be nada
I can do about it. I have hardwired mental filters in place that operate
in the meat world that are removed online, the politeness, the natural
caution etc, all turned off when posting. Im now convinced that I couldnt
turn off those filters even if I wanted to, which I dont.

Extropians have expressed opinions on both sides of this issue, so
no new insights here. I fear people will continue to be disappointed
when the meet me in the flesh. {8^[ For instance, I dont have big
googly eyes or a pointy nose. {8^D spike

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