Re: uploaded Amish (for Eugene)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 07:21:50 MDT

Martin Ling wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 19, 2000 at 07:17:51PM -0900, John M Grigg wrote:
> >
> > "Rather a god's pet than dead?" Eugene, where is your fighting spirit?
> > Even if you have no chance of victory, at least give them the finger
> > till the moment of annihilation!
> Not very Extropian :-P :-)

Whats not very extropian? Being god's pet or giving it the finger? The Amish
aren't extropians, either, you might recall. Note the native americans preferred
the finger route when faced with the numbers and technology of the white man, by
and large. "Not going quietly into this good night" is an extropian sentiment.
Living forever is not the only extropian principle. Living forever, at the price
of eternal slavery, is not an acceptable option.

Mike Lorrey

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