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Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 23:17:58 MDT

Anders Sandburg wrote:
As the influence of the kids spread, society took on a noticeably more optimistic mood. Sure, the problems with antigenetics violence, globalising ecosystems, nanotech disarmament and dynamic network turbulence remained as bad as ever, but now people could smile at them and think that maybe there was a solution after all. It also became more and more clear that the new kids were not at all like their parents or older siblings. They were a new species, thinking and feeling in a somehow different but eminently likeable way. Their perspective on life was at the same detached and enthusiastic, as if everything was a huge wonderful joke they were telling right now with
total concentration. Some called them buddha-kids, others just the joy generation.

They were irresistible.

Oh my gosh!! Instead, of "Wrath of Khan" supermen, humanity is superceded by a bunch of sweet, hilarious, take life as it comes comedians!! It was all their roving song and dance groups like "up with people" that broke the heart of old school humanity! Robin Williams and Jim Carrey must be mutant predecessors of this generation! ;)

And the young, beautiful women of this new species even as teens are not stuck-up and elitest at all, even when a guy is unable to convince a gal to date him, he still must admit just how nice and sweet she is as just a friend! :)

Could genetic engineering accomplish the feat of creating a whole planet full of caring, funny and sweet people? There could be limits to even science! ;)

Anders, I really love your stories and musings. This one was another treat for me.

best wishes,

John Grigg

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