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Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 23:47:02 MDT

Thanks John,

I think the fact that there was something close but not quite right-"lots of
laughs"-caused a mental block on that one. An acronym I really got a kick
out of was used by one of the women on the list, Queen Muse I think:

                                                Take care,

                                                Don Klemencic

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What I mean by LOL is "laugh out loud!" I suppose it must have different
meanings to other people. I use it often to show irony or at other times
simply humor.

good question,

John Grigg ROTF!! :)

On Sun, 18 Jun 2000 23:16:56
 Don Klemencic wrote:
>John Grigg wrote:
>There is a great book I have always meant to purchase and read entitled
>"Snapping" which is said to be THE book to read on what you just discussed.
>My soc prof. at UAA had never even heard of it! Maybe it should be a new
>addition to the Extropian book club selection of the month. lol!
>I've found that the meaning of most of the acronyms used in the list snap
>immediately from context. But "lol" is elusive. I've thought of "lots of
>luck" and "lots of laughs", but I'm left wondering. Please excuse this
>trivial post. I've enjoyed reading what you've had to say over the last
>year or so very much!
> Sincerely,
> Don Klemencic

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