Re: COMP: Breeding a Better Engine

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 21:03:53 MDT

Doug Jones writes:
> The meta level still doesn't make the program in question capable of
> making design innovations, and is useless in the context.

And you know that how? I thought we've made *some* progress since the
time of the ursoup. Given the "Cerebral Code" assumption is true,
there might be no such thing as a nonevolutionary created design

> True, but we were discussing the "works of a design evolution program",
> running without intervention by man. Human works added to the program


> would not be evolution within that system, but would be an external deus
> ex machina plunking the program down in a new parameter space.
Human works are things being made by a coevolutonary process. It being
open-ended, and all, there's is really no telling what it can't do,

> Currently available software can do evolutionary design optimization,
> but cannot make major jumps to new technologies. Useful, yes, but not
> universally versatile. Creative design input is still required.

What does currently available software tell us about fundamental
limitations of the method? Very, very little.

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