FWD (EXT) Re: Atomic Demolition Munitions

From: Terry W. Colvin (fortean1@frontiernet.net)
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Try this web site for The National Atomic Museum:

< http://www.atomicmuseum.com/ >

My last visit to Kirtland AFB was a MILSTAR military TDY in 1989.


At the Atomic Bomb Museum at Kirkland AFB in Albuquerque (a must see for
anyone with time on their hands while attending the Balloon Festival there)
you will see an example of Uncle Sam's handiwork, that was my favorite
there: The US Army Issue Atomic Backpack!

This small nuke was carried into battle by an infantryman (I doubt an
officer would carry it).

The museum has examples of everything from the backpack to the bomb the size
of a Winnebago that the pilot described as the bomb releasing the plane more
than the other way around. They have a B-52 and I think the Atomic Cannon
is there as well.

Sneaking around the base is fun too, I took photos of a B-1 undergoing EMP
testing, what a weird set up they use for that!

Andy Morris

Ooops, by admitting that will my house be searched now?

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Brian D Williams wrote:
For those interested in Atomic Demolition Munitions see:

< http://www.brook.edu/FP/projects/nucwcost/madm.htm >

One could be light and portable enough for one man to carry and deploy --
a backpack or suitcase nuke.


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