RE: Hedonistic Imperative

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Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 12:35:37 MDT

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> In India, there exists a procedure to wash the insides
> of the nose, using a saline solution (same salinity as
> in tears). The users of this procedure claim it makes
> the nose less irritated to air-pollution, and so on.
> Perhaps it also minimizes the sneezing reaction?

My brother uses that technique. He uses a little vessel called a netti-pot
(or something like that) to pour water through his nasal passages.

 I myself have found that bruising a fresh leaf of mullein, putting it into
a pot of water that's just at the boiling point, putting a towel over my
head and my head over the pot, and breathing the steam, works wonders as far
as desensitizing the sinuses to allergens.


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