Re: Hedonistic Imperative

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 17:23:13 MDT

It's called the "photic sneeze reflex". It affects about 20% of
the population, and is inheritable.

> I do. Often times the sun in my line of vision will provoke a sneeze. Inside
> of my home, if I feel a sneeze coming on, (and you know how it is, you're
> waiting and you're afraid you won't get the satisfaction) I look at a light
> from where I am sitting, and the brightness will lure it out.
> Gina "Nanogirl"
> > > Hence it's thought to result from
> > > idiosyncratic "wiring defects", much like sneezing from sunlight (hmm -
> > that
> > > IS a synesthesia now that I think of it. It really does feel like
> there's
> > > something in my nose.)
> >
> > Have we talked about that phenomenon here before? That happens to me, and
> > I've never known anyone else that has that response to suddenly going out
> > into bright sunlight.
> >
> > Greg Burch

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