Re: what if microsoft disobeyed the breakup?

From: KPJ (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 09:01:30 MDT

It appears as if Michael S. Lorrey <> wrote:
|I use Win 98, 95, and NT systems, and have little problems with them as
|operating systems. MY NT 4.0 systems run for weeks if I want them too.
|The problems I have with windows is not the OS, but the applications.
|Many applications do a very very poor job of memory management,
|resulting in memory leakage, and the filling of your RAM and swap file
|with garbage to the point that the application crashes, or it causes the
|OS to crash. Applications I've had the most difficulty with are: Word
|Perfect, Netscape, and Ventura. I now avoid WP like the plague, though I
|have to use Ventura for my work, and it has gotten better with version 8
|sp 2 than anything previous.

``I have no problems with my house having no locks. The problem I have is
with people coming in through the doors stealing things.''

|I have found that most crashes on Win systems are not due to the OS, but
|because inexpensive hardware is used. I use intel chips and standard
|intel motherboards, matrox video cards (S3 Virge is satanspawn), etc.
|You do get what you pay for.

Makes one think about the old joke about ``if cars were like computers'':
suddenly when you are driving on the highway the car breaks into pieces.

"You do get what you pay for." Well, I'll buy Japanese cars instead. ;-)

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