Re: comparison of underground economies (was Commie Nonsense)

Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 23:12:59 MDT

RonH writes:

> However given that many of us remember the fight against the fascists &
> nazis and regard those terms as carrying an extremely heavy emotional load;
> don't you think that calling the entire U. S. economy fascist because some
> fraction of probably one percent of the entire economy voluntarily does
> business with the U. S. government rather extreme?

Well, the best definition of facism I've seen is "technical private ownership
but actual government control", more or less Bonnie's definition. If you've
got a better definition, let's hear it; but by that definition the US is
fascist. More precisely, the US is run on a mixture of (semidemocratic)
fascism and capitalism; exact figure would be very hard to come by but
both components are large.

Government rules and regulations are hardly limited to the nuclear power
industry. They are ubiquitous in labor relations, education, medicine
(especially drugs!), transportion, resource use, and land development,
to name a number of fields which make up well over 30% (no figures;
that's a lowball estimate) of the economy.

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