temporal leave-taking (was leaving religion and changing beliefs (I share my own experiences))

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Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 19:12:33 MDT

When I visit cities with subways I like to get on and pick stops at random,
go up & walk around. I love not having any idea what sort of neighborhood
I'll find myself in (there are those who would say this is dangerous, but
the only times I've ever been attacked by another human have been times when
I was in "good" neighborhoods--maybe because I let my guard down in the good

I can imagine that waking up in a future time might be a bit like that, only
on a grand scale. All the sf books I've ever read on the subject portray a
future that has different trappings from the present, but the people are
quite like the ones in the present. I would expect people to be very
different from the way they are now, given the accelerating rate of cutural
change. It's interesting to imagine what it would feel like to be utterly

When I was younger, I used to like to go to a foreign country whose language
I didn't know, taking with me only a couple of changes of clothes and enough
money to buy food & lodging. I found that it was a good way to find, sort
of, the essence of myself, apart from all my possessions and friends and my
"place" in the society of which I was a part. But I was always glad to
return home. The thought of being in a foreign time from which I couldn't
return is a bit daunting.


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> I kind of worry sometimes about how culture may change when/if I'm
> reanimated. Given enough time who knows what things could be
> like. What if,
> for example, freedom of speech is completely eliminated. It would
> be better
> to live in such a world then not to live at all, but it causes me some
> anxiety.
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