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> > (I dislike the term "capitalist"--the term was
> > coined by Karl Marx, who understood nothing about human capital.)
>I don't like the term "capitalist" either. It has come to mean too many
>things, like the word "love," so that one must explain which SORT of
>capitalism one refers to or risk being misunderstood.

Good point.. I hear people refer to power, water, phone companies as
practices of capitalism, even though they are granted territorial monopolies
by the government (I could not start my own phone company where I live, even
if I owned all the land I was building the poles on). Or when an
anti-competitive law is passed which hurts small businesses, lobbied for by
big businesses, it's called capitalism. I think this should be called "state
capitalism", it's like what they have in Japan today, where government and
corporations do eachother favors in order for them to both keep in power,
it's the economic system of Fascism and Nazism, and has a root in at least
part of every "capitalist" country today, and it's really closer to
socialism. When I use the term, I mean laissez faire, free market economics,
where each party taking part in a transaction has equal rights, are
prosecuted to equal degrees if they defraud the other party, and where
anyone can enter into an existing market or create a new one without having
to worry about obtaining the proper licenses.

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