Re: a world without pain (where I get to attend conferences without great cost!)

From: john grigg (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 12:50:25 MDT

Robert-Coyote wrote:
John.. perhaps getting "fired" is exactly what you need to may be
more focused on the immediate reality of eating and shelter instead of
rumination of inadaquacys, negative yearning and stuckness, a primal state
where the brain is forced into a higher order of dissipation.

Could someone explain to me what the last line means?? I do really
appreciate Robert-Coyote giving me some advice but the last line's meaning
just plain eludes me.

I do feel "trapped" in the area of working and providing for my basic needs
but than that is a good thing. Or else I could become homeless! lol I
promise you, I do plenty of ruminating over my inadaquacies, negative
yearnings and "stuckness!" ;)

And right now the Alcor Life Extension Conference is going on and I am
MISSING it. When I moved recently(no choice) that drained my finances to
where I could not afford the conference. I just wish the organizers were
more "compassionate" in sharing transcripts and especially video! :(
There is always "next year" but it may never come and there were I am sure
special moments and times at this conference which will never repeat. What
I really want is the opportunity to schmooze.

I am one of those people who don't like leaving my comfort zone and living
in Alaska, my girlfriend and my little job here are a big part of that. A
part of me wishes I could just go! And perhaps relocate to Seattle or some
part of California. I don't know...


John Grigg
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