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Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 01:07:03 MDT

John.. perhaps getting "fired" is exactly what you need to may be
more focused on the immediate reality of eating and shelter instead of
rumination of inadaquacys, negative yearning and stuckness, a primal state
where the brain is forced into a higher order of dissipation

Robert Bradbury wrote:
>From the perspective of someone who has attended 50 or more
similar conferences in the last 10 years, I can say they do
get old. (For various reasons, primarily related to time
constraints I will not be at the Alcor conference.)

I only wish I had your perspective, since you have been to over 50 similar
conferences!! lol! For me, it was a chance at seeing the "real world" the
people I had only read about and seen pictures of. In other words, my first
time to Disneyworld. ;) Later conferences may not be as interesting, or at
least this one may have special moments or points brought up in a way that
never is again. Because I failed to attend extro 4 I will never get to meet
Sasha. I just hate missing things and as I said before, doubt I will ever
get access to transcripts or videos of the conference. ARGHH!!!!!!!

I need to get out of Alaska, get a degree, and get a decent job so I can
attend these things. Maybe going just once to a conference would get it out
of my system. I do feel obsessed by the idea. I have sworn to myself that
I will attend the next extro no matter what. I get the impression they are
the most fun of the Foresight, Alcor, etc. type conferences and that the
most people come out to them. I want to meet the people whose posts I read
each day.

you continue:
Fundamentally, one has to separate the desirable stuff from the
essential stuff. With regard to cryonics, that comes down to the
simple fact of whether or not you are signed up for suspension.

An excellent point. Perhaps I am a touch(or more) obsessive in my thinking
which will need to be corrected post-singularity. I do need to get signed
up still for cryonics and plan to do that before the year is out. I also
need to try out deseryl for my depression to be able to handle life. Man, I
am messed up! lol And my lunchbreak is long overdue and I have a ten minute
jog back to work, I'm on my way to getting fired!

I suppose ultimately I am just tired of feeling powerless in doing the
things I want to, like attend conferences! I hope all who attend have a
great time.

best wishes,

John Grigg

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