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> Unfortunately in a country with a bad government, a poor economic
> system, and high infant mortality having many children may be the
> only answer to having someone to care for you in your old age.

Neither "a government" nor "an economic system" is an entity capable of
holding beliefs, making decisions, or acting. Individual people believe,
decide, and act.

The poor women I know who have more children than they're able to take care
of certainly didn't get pregnant time after time after time in order to have
someone to take care of them in their old age. Many of them were forced by
their husbands to have sex when they didn't want to(and when they went to
the priest to ask for advice, they were told to go home to their husbands
and be good wives), and were prevented from using contraceptives or getting
abortions by people employed by the Catholic church and various governmental

> Excuse me, this is most certainly NOT a definition of Fascism. You
> are confusing government corruption and the actions of greedy
> people, with capitalism.

This is the way it was in Germany & Italy in the 1930's and 1940's, and
their form of economic/political system was referred to as fascist. This is
why I defined the term in that way. The U.S. is going farther down that
same road every day.

> Some have used abused capitalist inventions like the corporation,
> and were met by another capitalist invention, the trade union.
> These people then tried (often successfully) to get the government
> to limit these groups. Others have used pure capitalist means to
> successfully avoid unions. (Unions are a result of bad management)

There were corporations benefiting from government intervention in the
economy from the get-go. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a
pure market economy in the U.S.

> What kind of government you have will determine what kind of
> economic system you have. Capitalism is an economic system, NOT a
> form of government.

I don't understand what you mean in the above 2 sentences. Could you
clarify, please?


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