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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 08:17:02 MDT

From: "Zero Powers" <>

>If/when we reach the stage where material wealth is equivolent to
>information then, finally, there will be universal abundance.
>With that will come the end of the need to work for one's living.
>This would lay the ground work for practical Marxism.

>However, at that point there will be no practical difference
>between "rich" and "poor." When we have the nanotech to
>effortlessly and cheaply create haute cuisine from raw sewage, and
>diamonds from dirt, there will be no need for human production.
>This will lead to its own problems for us humans who have a need
>to feel useful and productive. But at that point there will be no
>difference between a "capitalist" and a "communist." There will
>be a universal leisure class searching for purpose and meaning in
>their otherwise effortless and uncomplicated lives. Utopia?
>.Perhaps not. But IMO better than poverty, illness and hunger.

Your making alot of assumptions here, like the fact that nanotech
will be universally available. The fact that their might not be
sufficient raw material for everyone to build a Taj Mahall is

What if I develop nanotech first, and simply use it to crank stuff
out, but never let you have the goose that lays the golden eggs.

If, if, if, if, if.....


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