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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 08:16:17 MDT

From: "Zero Powers" <>

>I'm not saying communism has worked in the past. I'm not saying
>it works in the present. I'm saying that it has possibilities for
>the future, especially if/when material wealth becomes equivolent
>to information.

Information isn't free, some isn't even cheap. Most real basic
needs are cheap. Most consummer goods are not.

>I'm a willing capitalist now. But there are many in our society
>who don't have my luck and/or ability. Some of them live at a
>level of subsistence which IMO is beneath that fit for a human.
>That saddens me. I believe that someday we'll be able to do
>better. That's *all* I was saying.

Some don't have your willingness to work, I've seen it with my own
two eyes, others don't understand basic Capitalism or financial
planning. I'm interested in spreading these memes along with the
concept of "living Below your means" as the best methods for
achieving financial well being.


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