Re: Being another gender (was Pig Comment)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 21:52:56 MDT

> > >> Amara Graps wrote: but try being a "chick for a day", all you men.
> >
> > >If it ever becomes possible, I would do exactly that, in a
> > >heartbeat. I want to figure out what it is ladies see in us ugly old
> > >boys. {8^D spike
> >
> > Really? You would try being a woman for a day?

This exact topic came up before, but I may have some new insights.
When I said about a year ago that I wanted to find out what it was
like to be a woman, several posters suggested I dress up in women's
clothes, but that misses the point. I already *know* how I would
feel in womens clothing. I would feel silly. Doubt it would be very
insightful at all. What I want is a pair of glasses that let me see the
from a womans view. I want a pair of headphones with a switch
that can translate ordinary sounds into the sounds that men hear, and
another switch that translates that same sound into what women hear.

Then I wouldnt just look like some crazy goof in a dress. I would look like

some crazy goof with a computer on his head with goggles and earphones.
Saying things like Edith Bunker: ooohh...oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh...

I already know I have a hard time mapping my own feelings and
emotions on those of normal people. I need to make a special
effort to do that which comes natural to others. So what I am
suggesting is a brain prosthetic of sorts, that operates on the
emotions. It would be kinda like having a wooden leg, only it
would be a wooden head. I would want to see, hear and feel
the world not only from a woman's point of view, but also a gay
man's. And a lesbian's for that matter. [Actually, I think I already
do on that one.]

It was suggested that taking certain hormones might do the
trick, but I am kinda chicken on that one. I was a teenager in
the 70s and never did drugs. I still think the mechanical route is
the way to go.

I want Eliezer or one of his collegues to someday derive a map
of the brain function, that can explain all the imponderables, a
diagram, where he can point to it and say, "See, here is what a
normal brain looks like, and this other diagram is you." I hope
I live to see those kind of developments. spike

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