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<< Yes, and there were artillery shells developed for 4 and 8 inch guns that
 nuke capable. Once the gummint had a better idea of what lingering radiation
 could do, many of those were retired and dismantled. Some were kept in europe
 for helping to winnow down the 20 to 1 odds against us in armor capability
 Warsaw Pact had if they tried to take western europe. So far as I know, many
 most are no longer in service. Those still in storage are kept at places like
 Dugway which are VERY secure. >>
Not to change the subject, but I believe that the technology was also
developed by Defense Department scientist, Ted Taylor, as a component for
Freeman Dyson's Orion Spacecraft, affectionately known as Bang Bang. Orion
would've produced a lot of nuclear 'fallout' as it passed through the
atmosphere on its way to the moon. Nuclear Concussions against a pusher plate
seem fairly wasteful, but fast. It may somehow be used someday in solar
system travel-but not to orbit!

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