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Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 08:17:46 MDT

>From: "Zero Powers" <>

>>From: Brian D Williams <>

>>Yeah, all you need is a transparent society controlled by a
>>totalitarian regime, and populated by robots.

>Actually I was thinking more of a society of people enlightened
>enough to realize that what's good for the whole is good for the
>individual. It's simply a matter of realizing that the surest way
>to keep your neighbor from stealing your bread is to be sure that
>he has enough to keep his own belly full. I call it "enlightened

Makes for good utopia novels, but is a complete denial of human
nature, all it takes is one bad apple for the whole thing to

Besides you can practice "enlightened self-interest" as a good
Capitalist. If you live below your means (my new lifestyle) and
sack the rest away in good investments, you can play philantropist
to your hearts content.

>Unfortunately such a society is unlikely to be stable for long as
>long as there is not enough to go around for *everyone*. But
>hopefully that minor problem will soon be solved by the good folks
>over at Foresight :)

Actually I think the World Game folks have demonstrated that there
is enough to go around for everyone to die of gluttony. It is
economic practices that hamper sufficient re-distribution.

Here's a fun game, especially if you have children. Next time you
go to the grocery store, bring them along and tell them they can
have ten dollars to buy food for the hungry. Let them scamper
around and price things out, and discuss their choices with them.

One time my nieces (I'm single) found 20lb bags of rice for a bit
over 5 bucks each, I extended the amount to 11 dollars and they
bought two. Another time they bought bread on sale, and an amazing
amount of generic peanut butter and jelly. The fun part is after
comparing the prices they switched their own consumption to the
less expensive brands.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
 Lao Tzu


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