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>Actually I was thinking more of a society of people enlightened enough to
>realize that what's good for the whole is good for the individual.

If people were enlightened enough to realize that, wouldn't they be
enlightened enough to be prosperous in a free society? Aren't you saying the
only society in which communism would work would be one where it is not
needed? (I'm of the opinion that the best thing about communism is that it
doesn't work)

>It's simply a matter of realizing that the surest way to keep your neighbor
>from stealing your bread is to be sure that he has enough to
>keep his own belly full. I call it "enlightened self-interest."

The surest way to prevent someone from stealing from you is to set up a
government which will steal for you for him? Either way, you're left with
the same amount.
It's much more to your self interest to live in a society where someone who
steals from you is considered a criminal, because you are allowed to defend
yourself against him, and he can go to jail. In either case, the result is
that there are less people among the populace who are going to steal from
Ensuring that your neighbor has enough bread to keep his belly full is his
resposibility, not yours. He would have more options available to help him
meet this need under capitalism.

>Unfortunately such a society is unlikely to be stable for long as long as
>there is not enough to go around for *everyone*. But hopefully that minor
>problem will soon be solved by the good folks over at Foresight :)
>"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past"
>--Thomas Jefferson
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