Merits of 4WD vehicles

From: Terry Egan (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 15:52:38 MDT

Michael S. Lorrey" <> wrote:
>Many people here on the list know that I did not have the best experience
>with the used Jeep Cherokee I bought. I basically got hosed. However, I'm
>now to the point where the money it has cost me so far is now less than
>what a new one would have cost me for the same utility. This is
>the first time I've ever gotten a bad deal on a used vehicle, and I've
>owned four different used vehicles prior to this
>(this is the second I've bought from a dealer).

        I'm not familiar with your experiences with Jeeps, but your
statement is congruent with my experiences with them.

        - One of my uncles came from a ranching background, went into
the Marines in the early-to-mid fifties, and came back with a profound
respect and desire for Jeep products. For the rest of his life, he
bought Jeeps of all kinds and types. His profession was realtor in
some pretty rugged territory in NE California and he was constantly
bemoaning how his Jeeps would crumble under the strain ( except for
the early versions). The rest of the family tried for years to get
him to try something, anything, else, but he never would.

        - During the middle seventies, I spent some time doing
ranching work in the Diablo range of central California, east of
'silicon valley'. My vehicle was a late-forties ex-Army Jeep that had
been abandoned there. My great-uncle and I rebuilt it, scrounging
parts where we could, and building what we could not. It was not the
best looking or best mileage vehicle, but it could go damn near

        - In the late seventies, one of my roommates bought a
brand-new, fully loaded, very pricey Cherokee. The list of aliments
that this beast suffered would run into the megabytes. It ran through
two engines, three transmissions, a differential, a drive shaft, a set
of wheel bearings (all around) and that was just the major components
that I remember. This was just a freeway cruiser, no rough stuff. He
sold it after two or three years and bought a Toyota.

Me? I drive a Landcruiser. I may buy a Sequoia in a couple of years.

Terry Egan

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