Re: Many selves (Mike tells where Extropian guys should go to meet great women)

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 03:18:06 MDT

Mike wrote:
I must say that for any of you guys looking for hot intelligent women, the GOP is the place to go. I met more fine fine women at GOP wingdings than just about anywhere.

Nadia wrote:
Can I throw up now? Mike, whatever possessed you to say such a thing in a public forum, where anyone can just look up the archives have you no sense of respect?

In the intimate atmosphere of this list Mike shared some "guytalk" on where to go to meet potential female partners. I admit his words could have been somewhat better chosen. He should have said "genetically aesthetic females with superior cognitive capacities and heterosexual orientation." With more women on the list I could imagine comments made on the list similar to his that tell where to find the "hot" males(with whatever qualities they consider crucial).

Daniel Lee wrote:
What, we should be looking for ugly dumb lesbian ?

A very inappropriate comment to say the least. I can understand why got so offended. But as said, it was meant as a "humorous" generalization and not to really slam anyone. Daniel may be suffering overexposure to Rush .

Nadia wrote:
It is none of my business who you look for but I will tell you this:

I find this so statement so EMPTY headed, nasty, sexist, bigoted, unenlightened, uninformed, abusive, crude, harsh ...inferior of thought and
mind.... not to mention horrible... that I am actually going to you. I have never EVER anyone on this list, since I believe that even offensive, bigoted and stupid people have something I can learn from.

Ouch!! How about the three strikes and then your out rule?

Nadia continues:
You obviously own not one shred of respect for women, men, for the list, or for yourself.

It's easy to get carried away while typing messages to people you have not met in person. I don't think Daniel is as bad as you would indicate.

Nadia continues:
If I meet you at an event that Max and put on, I will be embarrassed.

Considering the past history you have with Daniel I could see why you say that! Then again, in person Daniel might not seem so terrible and the two of you might get along alright.

Daniel Lee Crocker continued:
I don't know about you, but I certainly don't have the time, energy, money, or inclination to become familiar with every woman I meet. Narrowing the search by generalizing personality traits based on group membership, occupation, dress, or other criteria is perfectly rational and useful.

Aha! After that initial misguided statement he says something that makes sense. But it would be easy to loose objectivity after reading the first line and then not be able to take in the rest of it into perspective.

Damien explained:
Lee was responding* to Nadia responding to Mike telling The Extrope Boyz the best place to get laid by grrlz of like mind. The whole thing got ugly and tangled very quickly, but Lee was positing a broad
generalization, not pillorying any particular person.

Welcome to "Days of our Lives!" I glad could keep track of it! ;) I thought Mike was sharing where to find possible long-term partners and not just one-night stand playmates but only he could answer that.

Natasha wrote:
I like the guys who rev their engines and then drive by really fast and look around to see if anyone is watching. I also like the guys at the gym who grunt really, really loud.

So what if I like to go to the places where I can see guys -- really hot guys -- the ones with the you know in their pants. Makes me pant. So what if I like to go places where I can see real men.

Don't matter to me if they like politics and stuff.

Wow, so for his extropian courtship rituals Max must have done lots of revving and lifting for you!! And knowing about tons of politics and stuff couldn't have hurt! :)

Natasha, somehow even at age fifteen or sixteen I just can't imagine you being anything like that post.

best regards to everyone,


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