Re: Where the Future Goes to Die

Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 00:42:52 MDT

KPJ wrote, quoting others:

> |> THE SONY HANDYCAM: some versions of Sony's Handycam came with infrared
> |> technology that allowed "night shot" mode. Sony recalled the
> |> product after it was discovered that, when the special feature was used in
> |> daylight or a lighted room, it could see through clothing.
> |
> |Hey cool! Where can I get one? {8^D
> In standard hardware selling places. You should know, though, that they
> changed the filtering so you cannot see through bathing suits. OTOH, they
> just added a filter filter, which you can remove if you know how. Details
> float around on the net.

I thought this might be an urban legend, but a search turned up, showing how
their near infra-red (NIR) filter does in fact let you see through
some clothes. They try to play up other purposes, but it seems pretty
clear that voyeurism is the primary attraction. Apparently it works
with many kinds of 8mm camcorders and digital cameras. They also tell
you how to re-enable the Sony infrared mode for daytime use, by removing
an internal microswitch.

The filter costs about $140-150 depending on the size needed.


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