Re: Where the Future Goes to Die

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 23:38:15 MDT

Terry W. Colvin wrote:

> THE SONY HANDYCAM: some versions of Sony's Handycam came with infrared
> technology that allowed "night shot" mode. Sony recalled the
> product after it was discovered that, when the special feature was used in
> daylight or a lighted room, it could see through clothing.

Hey cool! Where can I get one? {8^D

You know, I can imagine hysterical disinformation becoming a
real problem for the first wearable computer users. Someone
will start a goofy rumor, such as someone could run a gag headline
that says wearable computers can create a digital image of a naked
person, which is then superimposed on the heads of existing
persons, so that the user gets the impression she is in a roomful
of naked people.

This would be the killer app that would sell em by the millions
of course, but it could cause problems in the mean time. spike

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