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Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 22:14:55 MDT

In a message dated 6/12/2000 9:05:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, QueeneMUSE

> What, we should be looking for ugly dumb lesbian tree-huggers?

It is none of my business who you looek for but I will tell you this:

I find this so statement so EMPTY headed, nasty, sexist, bigoted,
unenlightened, uninformed, abusive, crude, harsh ...inferior of thought and
mind.... not to mention horrible... that I am actually going to killfile
you. I have never EVER killfiled anyone on this list, since I believe that
even offensive, bigoted and stupid people have something I can learn from.

You obviously own not one shred of respect for women, men, for the list, or
for yourself.

If I meet you at an event that Max and Natasha put on, I will be embarrased.

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