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From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 20:22:13 MDT

Not a bot, but an environmentalist. A quick check finds : listed on the EnvirOnLine Products Directory at

                     Burlington, VT
                     environmental organizations, wood products, forestry
                     (802) 865-1111

This person also advertised their environmental site by leaving a comment on
the Decmber 1998 Evolve Your Environment Report at

And of course, her home site is obviously

No evidence of bad intentions. This appears to be an environmentalist type
who got onto our list and wants off.

I'm not sure why unsubscribe requests annoy people, besides the irritation
of having to see them. But why blame the person who can't figure out how to
unsubscribe? Different lists have different methods to unsubscribe. There
is no obvious connection between the e-mail messages coming from this list
and the site/method required to unsubscribe. If someone loses the intro
message, they won't know how to unsubscribe. Many people don't know how to
find out the unsubscribe method. Many lists include the instructions in the
headers of the e-mail, but then many e-mail programs hide these such that
people still can't find the instructions. Some lists add a footer on every
message with the webpage.

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