Heavy Metal Update...

From: Everitt Mickey (evmick@pnv.net)
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 17:50:00 MDT

I've just recently acquired and began using the Garman Color StreetPilot....

I Like it....so far it's saved me some time and a wrong turn or two....and
it's safer (for me) than using my Trucker's Atlas. I've got it mounted
directly in front of my steering wheel...just above the speedo....I can
glance at it and never take my eyes off the road...which I could NOT do with
the Trucker's Atlas....

My feelings is that the routing aspect could be improved though...in fact
the "MetroGuide" CD that I bought ($300) to go with it is proving quiet a

Overall I'd say it's fair to good....in my profession (long haul trucker)
it's worthwhile...dunno about for anyone else though....perhaps when the
price comes down (a lot)...it cost me approx $500 for the basic unit...then
extra for the add-on's (external antenna, CD metro guide, addittional power
cords and "stuff")...

I wish it was BitMapped instead of Vector Graphics though...or that it had a
much faster processor...

San Antonio

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