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Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 15:33:23 MDT

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"Waldemar Ingdahl" <> Wrote on
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 22:18:56 CEST

>If I encountered the Waldemar Ingdahl of 10 years ago, I don't
think we would have very much to discuss.<

If I encountered my earlier self, I would have a flurry of questions
to ask my former self. I would have so much to talk about that
somebody might have to intervene -:)

>The experiences and the knowledge I have had since then have
changed me and my outlook on life. I think that the younger Waldemar
would have great difficulties following many of my arguments
and thoughts.<

This may be true, but your former self could learn from your
current self, and visa versa -- that is if you knew who you were
talking to. If you had no clue that it was your former self,
I can understand. I might feel the same way, but I hope not.
 There is thread of essence, interests, humor and maybe some
underlying values, but many of my values have changed, that would
connect me to my former self, regardless of which one is smarter.

Each transition of character is as vital to the whole as the
result of each pivot point. If I discounted my entire former
self as irrelevant, than this is precisely the behavior my future
self would impinge on my current self.


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