Re: Virtual Kingdoms

Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 13:41:28 MDT

I do not have the time to go researching nearly all of the URLs you have
provided. After browsing two, I have questions.
In a nutshell, can you please explain why anyone would want a virtual
kingdom, or city or whatever. What are the benefits. Is it just a cool
sounding idea or are there any practical applications?

Well, I'll try.

1. Money. They sell *a lot* of stamps, coins, etc. (i.e. the Rep. of Lomar
selling is a very big figure)

2. Money. Some real micronation (and some not so micro, as Luxenbourg or San
Marino or Monaco or ...) is taxation free. Virtual states are making *very
strong* attempts in that direction ...

3. Money & power. Extraterritoriality (even meta-territoriality, for those
vitual states) means that You can give free information. Or that information
You like to give ... (net, radio, tv, etc.)

4. Politics. See above. And entropic localism (coarse grained structures,
fine grained structures ...).

5. Heraldry. Like to be a king ?

6. History. Take the (Principato di) Seborga case (Italy). The birth of this
(quasi-real) state is based on many and many historical reasons.
7. Chance. Take the Ferdinandea case. Ferdinandea is that (italian) island
which is sometimes above the sea, sometimes below. The international law
says that a (real) state must be *permanently* 9 meters above the sea. So
Ferdinandea is a virtual state. But U.K. (as far as I know) claims the
property of that *intermittent* island. Why? Strong strategic reasons ...


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