Re: Extropian Principles

Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 08:27:44 MDT

If you check earlier versions of the Principles, you'll see that
instead of Perpetual Progress I used to have "Boundless Expansion". A
number of people didn't like that, thinking that it gaving the impression
that we wanted to "pave over the universe". "Expansion" or "unfolding"
(thought the latter I don't like as much) *does* more clearly convey
multiple paths, or diverse *ways* of making progress. But then how to avoid
the "paving over" (and perhaps imperialist) connotations of "expansion"?
Suggestions welcome!
Max More

I'm (perhaps) a quasi-extropian and I'm not fluent in english (my son says
that I'm not fluent at all ...) but may I suggest these expressions:
*implicate expansion* or *intensional development*? Actually these
espressions do not mean determinism ... but the actualization of some
potentiality ...

Aristote, De Anima 2.1-2, 412a3
We say, then, that one class of things is substance [ousia], and that one
element in this is the material [hylÍ], which is not in itself an individual
[tode ti]. And another is shape or form [eidos], in respect of which - and
of no less - we speak of a thing as individual. And thirdly the compound of
these two. Now matter is a potentiality [dunamis], but form is an actuality
[energeia], and actuality is of two kinds, that of which knowledge is an
instance and that of which actual knowing is an instance.

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