Re: not dead, only dreaming

Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 02:53:59 MDT

<Some expression (i.e. *i palmi delle mani*) is nasty>
You mean it reads badly in Italian, being too literal a translation from
English? It says something nasty?

Palms & hands. We do not say *lo sterzo gli scuoteva i palmi delle mani*
because this expression sounds (just sounds) badly, mechanical. We'd rather
say *lo sterzo gli scuoteva le mani*. We do not use *i palmi* (plural) but
*il palmo* (singular). In Tuscany they use *le palme* (plural) because *i
palmi* sounds badly (elegant people there !).

Translation. Seems much expressive, too much confident. But I do not know
the english text.

The old 1980 text, not the new one. May be, but I read terms like
*teleporting* (and superstrings, if I remember well) and prof. Zeilinger
experimented photon teleporting just few years ago. I do not remember if
that teleporting was already on the stage in 1980.

<Nor have I been paid yet>. As usual! We live in pure chaos. We do not pay
each other. And, of course, we have 200,000 laws and rules: nobody knows the
exact figure!


scerir (Rome)

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