Bell's inequalities, experiments, nonlocality

Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 16:31:09 MDT

Experiments made in Geneve show that local hidden variables theories are
wrong (the s.c. Bellšs inequalities violation).

The dynamics of entangled photons A and B is very strange indeed, even at
many kilometers from the (photons) common source.

When the photon A reaches the (Franson type) interferometer P and chooses
the path Z, the other photon B reaches the (Franson type) interferometer Q
(many kilometers far from P) and chooses (he too) the path Z.

This strange correlation (second order interference) is called nonlocality
and, sometimes, quantum nonseparability. Superluminal actions at distance or
spooky waves are not, of course, dectected.

Experiments at Geneve
Experiments in Austria

Experiments (and philosophy) at Berkeley

scerir (Rome)

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