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Yes, Fortean Times likes to goof with the "other side" of purported
scholarship. Its basically a National Enquirer for psychics. My only
observations are that David Irving lost his case in the UK, and that the
testimony given by witnesses both pro and con, appear to convincingly, link
Irving to neo nazi orgs. He was wont to sing a ditty to his daughter in her
baby carrige, every time a 'person of color' passed him by in the London
streets: "I am white (aryan), not a mongrel Asian or Rastifarian"

My contention with this professor MacDonald, is that how were the Jews able
to accomplish intellectual superiority if over time large amounts of their
genetic composition has been altered over the centuries by such things as
intermarrige, rape, and conversions in? If I were to submit over a period of
time the contention that Nordic Europeans were subject to racial degeneration
by "inter-breeding", I would hope at least some of you fine folks would challe
nge this unsubstantiated, notion. Unlike the old German saying "Lies have
short legs" the truth is that lies stand wherever someone buys into them.

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<< We've had our fun with John Mack of Harvard, who supports the idea of alien
 We've kicked around Courtney Brown of Emory University, who touts remote
 Now there's Kevin McDonald of Cal State Long Beach calling Judaism a
 Darwinian strategy:
 < >
 A few excerpted paragraphs:
 In his books, MacDonald uses an approach called evolutionary
 psychology to argue that Judaism is not merely a religion; it is also a
 Darwinian strategy that serves to raise Jewish IQ, and that
 anti-Semitism can be understood rationally as a by-product of
 natural selection. He writes that Jews have reacted to
 anti-Semitism by taking over intellectual movements and attacking
 Gentile culture to promote Jewish interests. The result, he warns, is
 a "present decline of European peoples in the New World." He also
 asserts that Jews protect their interests by suppressing criticism of
 Judaism, and cites David Irving as an example of a writer whose
 work has been suppressed by Jewish groups.
 Now, MacDonald finds himself immersed in intellectual warfare
 with his colleagues. His critics are careful to point out that they
 believe firmly in MacDonald's academic freedom, and don't
 question his right to research what he wants and to continue
 teaching at the university. But, says [History Department Chair]
 Sievers, professors are determined to make MacDonald answer
 for the implications of his theories.
 "Faculty can make him uncomfortable. And I think we've made him
 very uncomfortable. And we're not done yet," she says.
 History professor Don Schwartz has been one of the most vocal.
 "Academic freedom protects the kind of research that MacDonald
 is doing. But he's been asked to explain and defend his ideas, and
 that's a perfectly reasonable expectation," he says. No one,
 Schwartz says, is calling for some kind of action that would result in
 MacDonald's censure or expulsion.
 MacDonald complains that asking him to present his views publicly
 is not an appropriate thing to ask a tenured professor to do. His
 theories are too complicated, he argues, for him to present them
 orally to an audience that is likely to be hostile.
 Others, Fiebert says, complained that MacDonald's books had
 already passed peer review, and so it was inappropriate to subject
 them to further inquiry.
 Here's what Culture of Critique predicts, after MacDonald has spent
 nearly 1,000 pages in his trilogy describing the Jewish "evolutionary
 strategy," which includes denigrating Gentile culture through
 Jewish-dominated intellectual movements:
         "I believe that in the United States we are presently heading down
         a volatile path -- a path that leads to ethnic warfare and to the
         development of collectivist, authoritarian, and racialist enclaves."
 I was especially taken with the ideas that it's 'inappropriate' to ask a
 tenured professor to publicly explain and defend his views, and to subject
 peer-reviewed books to further scrutiny.
 More about McDonald's books and views can be found on his web page
 Beth Wolszon
 The origin of all science is the desire to know causes, and
 the origin of all false science and imposture is the desire to
 accept false causes rather than none; or, which is the same
 thing, in the unwillingness to acknowledge our own ignorance.
 -- William Hazlitt

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