Re: Eugenics

From: Doug Jones (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 04:30:34 MDT

Sarah Lawrence wrote:

[A lot of bullshit rhetoric snipped]
> Suppose you rob Captain Scott of his ship to prevent him exploring
> Antarctica; or you rob Marie Curie of her pitchblende so she can't
> discover radium.

Suppose you give Scott some advice on the utility of sled dogs vs
siberian ponies, or Mme. Curie some tips on radiation shielding?
Suppose you give a jewish couple of eastern european descent the
opportunity to ensure that their children don't have Tay-Sachs disease?
Suppose you stop deliberately misinterpreting and distorting worthwhile
research, you luddite?


Doug Jones
Rocket Plumber, XCOR Aerospace

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