A minor plug (at least you may find it interesting)

From: Terry Donaghe (Terry@Donaghe.com)
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 22:40:10 MDT

I've been developing an emerging technology news site for the past month or
so. It's just about ready to go live, and I'd be extremely appreciative if
some of you wouldn't mind taking a look at it. I still consider it in a
Beta state, but it's starting to come together. Please take a look at it
at: http://www.techstropia.com I'd be delighted to listen to any and all
comments and/or helpful criticisms. There's more stuff to do on the site,
but the news never stops, so there I go.

Terry Donaghe: terry@donaghe.com

HUMANITY FIRST! We are capable of creating a
technological/biological/neurological utopia in the next century. We already
have the capability of destroying all life. What does it say of us as a
species if we don't choose the former?


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