Re: Confronting The Singularity Conference

Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 21:13:12 MDT

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<< They also tried this in science fiction fandom, with truly disasterous
 results. FANs were by and large mostly libertarians to begin with, with
 many strongly libertarian authors and novels to draw upon. Sam's crew would
 attend some seminar at an SF con and start harrangueing the speaker,
 interrupting them and refusing to shut up or let them continue.... For a
 while, even mentioning you were a libertarian could get you excluded from
 parties. >>
I don't know if scifi fans can really be termed Libertarians? When I read
Drexler back in the 1980's It occured to me that once products could be
'brewed-up' in one's own garage with an automated nonfabricator; all one
would need is the software to drive the manufacture. That to me seemed to be
an economic foundation for ushering in a 'Libertarian Age' because literally
everyone could produce what they needed-almost.
I am not so sure how long this will really take to reach this point. Certain
writers can be very conservative, or rather liberal to the point of
unconventionality, just to get attention or stir up the audience. Most
scifer's as I have heard them called would like to be ''out there' in the
solar system pioneering, or hunkering down in some cybernetic paradise (who
wouldn't?) and I suspect that whatever political horse sounds like it will
give them that--they will ride that horse.

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