Re: POTU (Paving Over The Universe)

From: Robert Bradbury (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 03:35:27 MDT

The universe is a wild and dangerous place as recent Chandra findings
  Chandra Reveals a Compact Nebula Created by a Shooting Neutron Star

Dismantle it and pave it over or watch it the entertainment on
the Galactic Extreme Sports channel -- the 119th clone of the merged
Sandberg-Bradbury-Leitl SI is going for the ultimate pool shot -- executing
a Dysonian gravitational assist off the high velocity neutron star aiming
dead-on for the pole of the 10 billion M_sun black hole at the galactic
center, hoping to pick up enough anti-spin to balance that of the black
hole, in an effort to test whether or not this will in fact provide
an exit from our universe into the Tiplerian closed universe that
allows the full reanimation of all non-extropians, so they can
gleefully chide, "See, we told you, but no, you just wouldn't listen....".

The Burch-Moreian SI looks on in the background trying to determine
(a) whether there are going to be inter-universal law suits that
    might result from this if it succeeds (after all -- there may
    be an inter-universal right to stay "dead"...); and
(b) whether or not losing yet another SBL SI is really extropic if
    SBL keep dropping all that organized information down black holes
    and losing the matter forever. (After all clone's 2-118 haven't
    been heard from in the last 150 million years...).

Amanda, shakes her head in the background, realizing that these
foolhardy attempts are going to disrupt the galactic dust flows
and she is going to have to use a full 3 suns worth of hydrogen
powering Grape-2^23-1 to recalculate the flows and laser-pressure-clear
the galactic dust-free rapid-transit (>0.5c) freeways.

Paving over the universe may be the least of our worries.


On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Ken Clements wrote:

> I think this meme is going to stick because, no matter how offensive it
> may sound, this is what the Universe wants to do. If not our
> successors, then the Volgons, or someone else will do it. Don't worry
> if you are for or against it, it does not matter.
> -Ken

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