Fwd: Chat with Ray online on CNN/Time CHAT after CNN broadcast

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Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 12:40:09 MDT

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>Subject: Chat with Ray online on CNN/Time CHAT after CNN broadcast
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> From Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.
>There will be a CNN/Time online Chat with Ray right after the CNN broadcast
>of "Visions 21" this Sunday. The broadcast is 9 PM ET (that's 6 PM on the
>west coast) to 10 PM ET. The half hour online Chat will be right after the
>broadcast at 10 PM ET (7 PM on the west coast).
>Just go to www.cnn.com/chat.
>The following is from the cnn.com/chat site:
>CNN/Time Chat at 10 PM EDT: Will we put chips in our brain? Ask Ray
>Kurzweil, inventor, entrepreneur and author of 'The Age of Spiritual
>Machines,' after his appearance on CNN/TIME's 'Visions 21: Questions for the
>New Century.'
>So log on and ask Ray a question, or you can just watch the dialogue. If
>you just want to watch, we would still appreciate your logging on (which
>just requires your entering a nickname) so that we can get an accurate count
>of participants.
>Below we have repeated the original announcement of the CNN/Time Program:
>A profile and interview of Ray Kurzweil by CNN Anchor Bernard Shaw will be
>featured on a CNN Special called "Visions 21" this Sunday (June 11) to be
>aired nationwide at 9 PM ET (6 PM on the west coast) and repeated at
>midnight ET (9 PM on the west coast).
>The show is produced jointly by CNN and Time magazine as part of their "CNN
>& Time" weekly series. The format is similar to 60 Minutes, and there will
>be four segments during this one hour program, one of which will be on Ray
>(we don't know when in the program it will air). The topic of the show will
>be the merger of human and machine.
>In connection with this CNN and Time joint venture, the next issue of Time
>Magazine (to be on the stands on Monday, June 12) will also be titled
>"Visions 21" and will include an essay by Ray titled "Will My PC Be Smarter
>than Me." (If there is a big news event, this issue could be bumped to the
>following week).
>Below is the schedule for different parts of the world.
>Also, check out our new web site at <http://www.kurzweiltech.com>.
>Thanks for your attention.
>World Wide Schedule for "Visions 21" Special on "CNN & Time"
>This CNN program runs in the U.S. on Sunday, June 11 at 9:00 PM Eastern
>Time, and repeats at Midnight Eastern Time.
>The following table lists the entire schedule, including the runs on CNN
>Sunday (6/11) 9pm ET 0100 GMT (Mon) Europe/LatinAmerica/USA
> 10pm ET 0200 GMT Asia
> Midnight ET USA
>Monday (6/12) 4am ET 0800 GMT Europe
> 5am ET 0900 GMT Asia
> 9am ET 1300 GMT Latin America
> 12pm ET 1600 GMT Europe

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