Muscle hypertrophy in rats fed on a buckwheat protein extract.

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Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 09:45:00 MDT

Interesting result considering the shape many of us are in.

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Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 63(7): 1242-5 Jul 1999


    Growing rats were examined for the influence of a
buckwheat protein diet on muscle weight and protein.
In experiment 1, the rats were fed on a diet containing
either casein or a buckwheat protein extract (BWPE)
as the protein source (10%, 20% or 30%) for 5 wk. The
relative weights (g per kg of body wt) of the gastrocnemius,
plantaris and soleus muscles were higher in the BWPE-fed
animals than in the casein-fed ones, but were unaffected
by the dietary level of protein. These differences were not
associated with growth. In experiment 2, the rats were fed
on either a casein or BWPE diet at the 20% protein level
for 5 wk. BWPE intake significantly elevated the
gastrocnemius muscle weight, carcass protein and water,
and reduced carcass fat. These results demonstrate that
BWPE consumption causes muscle hypertrophy, elevates
carcass protein and water, and reduces body fat.

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