Re: Investing (long term returns)

Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 17:33:43 MDT

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> If you really want more detailed discussion of investing from an extropian
> perspective, you might join ExI then subscribe the Investing in the Future
> list.

     A simple question. How do I buy U.S stocks from the UK. I have tried to
open an online account with E-trade (US) but they say that UK law doesn't
allow them to act as my broker.
     I have joined E-trade (UK) but they say they don't offer US stocks at
present but will do so in the future.
     I am very pissed off because I was ready to buy shares in BALLARD POWER
SYSTEMS INC (BLDP) when they were at 22 1/2 but could find a way to buy
them. now they have shot up to 77 5/8 in less than 2 weeks ! .
     not only did I miss the boat, I couldn't even find the Port.


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