RE: glucose tolerance determines mice lifespan

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Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 15:21:29 MDT

No thats not it. The URL you provided is a link to a study by my main man
T.Parr (I have the complete text of the study). What Doug was stating (and
what I questioned in return) was that the longevity of calorie restricted
rats was/is an experimental artifact due to their artificial diets.

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Found it

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<< Doug Skrecky wrote:
  The so called called anti-aging calorically restricted diet
   appears to be merely an artifact of using a poor diet that
   induces glucose intolerance when fed ad-libitum.

  I couln't tell, are you quoting someone or is this your own statement?
  To me, this is quite a big deal if true. Do you have any references?

  If you like, I'd be happy to mail you copies of T. Parr's papers in
  Gerontology about insulin exposure (No more scanner access) I'm in the
  process of getting A. Cerami's "Glucose as a mediator of ageing" as well

  Keep up the good work,
Hey, Al & Doug
     It looks like I missed something good. Can you refer me back to the
original post?
Ron H.

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