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>On Wed, 07 Jun 2000 20:09:40 -0700 Spike Jones <> wrote:
> >Now they have yet another biometric, longer range than face
> >recognition: the software can recognize people by how they
> >walk. Now I know this is more privacy bad news, tools in the
> >hands of a potential Big Brother, etc, but honest to god this is
> >just sooo wicked cool ya just gotta love it. spike
> >
> >
> >
> >
>When I was in High School, I broke my glasses and was without them for just
>over a week. I have really horrible vision and had to be almost on top of
>people to recognize their faces. I found though that I was able to
>recognize people at distance by the way they moved. I could recognize
>movement in even large blurry objects. It made me wonder how many
>different methods do we as humans use to recognize each other, while only
>being directly concious of the obvious. I do have a couple of friends that
>I am sure I could recognize by smell.
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Being able to recognize people by the sound of the way they walk is common
too, particularly up stairs.
I read this book about how to disappear, and there were tips on changing
your identity. A lot of space was devoted to changing your gait. The author
suggested putting something uncomfortable in your shoe in order to train for
a new gait. I remember hearing that John Wayne's peculiar gait was attained
by curling up his toes very tightly when he walked.

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