RE: Kardeshev is pre-Spike thinking

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 00:24:20 MDT

At 11:02 PM 7/06/00 -0700, Gene wrote:

>>But why the
>> nearest bubbles have swallowed everything in sight is hard to understand,
>> unless it's an early strategy that got abandoned, at least in our neck of
>> the woods, a while back.)

[I really am losing my slender grasp on reality. Ah-choo. What I meant to
say was `why the
nearest bubbles have NOT swallowed everything in sight, including us'.]

>As to bubbles growing, even 0.99 c is
>pretty fast, so that you can't expect to be able to look into the deep
>past (which is supposedly sterile due to absence of essential heavier
>elements, anyway).

I certainly *can* expect to look back into the deep past, and do, with
Hubble, and the next gadget will push the very boundaries of the light
cone, I understand. Your point about the sterile early phase is what I was
trying to convey myself. If the voids are in part the result of
intergalactic god hunger, then they should be smaller or non-existent in
the remote pre-biotic past. Are they? Maybe we *can't* yet see far enough
back in sufficient detail.

(BTW, covering my ass against even the oddest reading: I hope you didn't
think I meant that we'd literally be able to *watch the edges of the voids
get bigger*, in real time, had the Big Eaters been out there, hard at work...)


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