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From: Rob Sweeney (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 22:39:23 MDT

* James Rogers <> [000608 00:26]:
> Another good indicator is to look at mutual funds that have been around
> for a really long time, where "really long time" = 100 years or so. Most
> of these funds have a lifetime annual return rate in the 11-14% range, or
> slightly better than most of the market indices.

Are there any mutual funds with that sort of history? The oldest fund I'm
aware of is the Massachusetts Investors Trust, which dates back to 1924.

Many of the major fund families started off with one fund during that era
or shortly afterward.. such as Fidelity's Fidelity Fund, started in 1930.
This is still plenty long enough to qualify as a "really long time" for
comparative purposes.

/rs Rob Sweeney
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