RE: Kardeshev is pre-Spike thinking

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 22:28:57 MDT

At 09:10 PM 7/06/00 -0700, Gene wrote:

>SETI should look for spherical
>infrared voids on galactic cluster scale. While star-hopping is trivial,
>galaxy hopping might require different propagation mechanisms.

Anyone know if the sky would look any different if the intergalactic voids
are sprinkled with engineered black holes/wormholes, Matrioshka brains, or
other massy debris from earlier ET Spikers? I sense that there'd be a lot
of nasty diffraction. Might we find that the voids close up as one gets
farther back in time, more than you'd expected due to cosmic expansion?
(Here, of course, I'm imagining that the `bubbles' between the galactic
`filaments' are the residue of just such unfinished expansions. But why the
nearest bubbles have swallowed everything in sight is hard to understand,
unless it's an early strategy that got abandoned, at least in our neck of
the woods, a while back.)


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