Re: Are you an extropian? Re: Voluntary simplicity

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 19:47:19 MDT

To be blunt, I think there are a lot of people hanging out on the list
who really are not extropians. Which is fine, since everyone has to be
a newbie at some point and decide for themselves whether or not they
really are or not. But some people seem to be unable to realize the fact
that they are not really extropian at all. They rationalize to themselves
that they are, but in fact the choices they continually make in their
lives lead more down the path towards entropy. So they end up hanging
around here, really not adding much besides noise.

(I can't wait for the knee-jerk from QueeneMUSE)

altamira wrote:
> I might not be able to afford to take advantage of cutting-edge medical
> technology at some future time? Possibly. But there's a lot to be said for
> being healthier so that one's natural lifespan is increased in case the
> necessary medical technology isn't available for a while.
> I'll let the snide reference to commune-dwellers slide for now, except to
> note that it's curious how you appear to look down on non-individualists
> such as commune-dwellers; yet you seem to value "Belonging.". Did you truly
> mean no offense, or were you threatening to not let me hang around your
> fraternity if I don't spout the party line?

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