Re: Gardening is Extropian (was) Are you an extropian? Re: Voluntary simplicity

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Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 19:56:17 MDT wrote:
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> > Thanks Nadia, I do my best to be me. However Brian was referring to
> > Bonnie's post. (Just trying to get the references right before we all
> > become hopelessly confused...)
> >
> hm.... then. I RESPECT BONNIE for being herself!!!! (and all others who think
> for themselves).

Never said I didn't.

> And that makes a lot more sense too, since she has the most AMAZING gardening
> skills. What I was objecting to is the tendency for list subscribers to
> insist on WHAT is or isn't Extropian. I think many things ARE if they are
> done with great skill.

Sure, but that is not what I am driving at. Just because someone may
perform some kind of activity that could be called extropic, does not
mean that the person is really anything like an extropian. Is Martha
Stewart an extropian? Should we all be spending our time gardening in
adobe huts? I am talking about your total lifestyle and internal philosophy.

> It happens too often for my taste, people reminding others to "be more
> Extropian". ugh.

Ummm well why is that a bad thing? I seek to increase extropy, both in
myself and in general. Is providing critical analysis of other people's
choices a bad thing? Or is this list a place where no one wants to face
reality and hear anything possibly critical about themselves?

You would think any real extropian would love to hear ways to increase
their "personal extropy". Why aren't we having discussions on the list
about how to be more extropian? We have sublists such as the investing-
node where people can discuss strategies, but in general the people
on this list seem remarkably unwilling to publicly discuss or ask for
advice on ways they might improve themselves.

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