From: Skye (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 19:07:37 MDT

How much???? I really want one. They should give
directions on how to make your own lamprey cyborgs at
home from parts you get at radio shack. I'd wire mine
up with a lot more neurons than that, then try to
teach it tricks.
--- wrote:
> Half fish, half robot
> One day your brain could live on in a mechanical
> shell
> THE advent of "cyborgs" has been brought a step
> closer by the creation of a strange hybrid creature
> with a mechanical body controlled by the brain of a
> fish. As ghoulish as this chimera sounds, it may one
> day allow people to be fitted with prosthetic
> devices that are controlled directly by their brain.

The following film may be unsuitable for older audiences, and has been rated G for content.

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