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From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 18:41:06 MDT

--- James Rogers <> wrote:
> This isn't about accomodating "emerging forms of
> communication technology", rather it is about
> effectively using the standards of a given
> communication medium. For email, that is ASCII text.
> ...
> Generally speaking, email that is not text/plain
> ends up in my trash bin without getting read.
> ...
> And of course, some people in the world have no
> choice but to use ASCII text environments for their
> email access.
> ...
> If I want to look at something in a non-text format,

> I prefer to explicitly fetch that item using my
> browser or some other appropriate utility. Even when

> I was using Eudora on NT, I supported a strict ASCII

> only email policy. Just because you can doesn't mean

> you should.

I agree, James... also, some people (such as myself :)
) have a quota on the amount of stuff they can have in
their account. Messages which take 20k due to
attachments and HTML encoding and such to say what a
plain-text one could have said in 5k, only annoy
people with limited disk space and use up space which
could be used by several other messages. Too many
bloated non-ASCII messages taking up space, and your
email account gets so full that it stops receiving new
messages till you delete stuff!

My own $.0002 ;)

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